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Lending Club in insurance industry

Как это работает


Client buys one of insurance products by INSURION. He pays premium.


Data of each insured client goes straight in the INSURION system and become available for Investors.


Investors cover client's risks and earn the premium he payed as insurance term goes to end. INSURION keeps the diversification of investment.


 Simple investment tool

 Doesn't require constant monitoring

 Brings from 15% to 30% per annually


Sign up in Insurion and start to earn like insurance company. 

More details about Insurion


Of course each Investor bears the risk of losing invested money as it used to pay indemnities in case of insured accidents. 

INSURION's aim is to manage risk in such a way to keep Investors' income higher than costs for Indemnities.

INSURION assumes the exact process of indemnity. 


Let's say Investor have placed 5 000 RUB and covered one person. In case of insured accident he will lose all money.

However, INSURION reduces his risks. We separate (diversify) invested money for equal shares of 500 RUB and cover 10 persons along with other investors. Even if three covered persons will face accidents, Investor still earns money.

The higher the invested money the higher the diversification and therefore the lower risks.


Participant of the working group under the Central Bank of the Russian Federation on risks on the crowdfunding market.

Participant of the Russian interbank accelerator FinTech Lab.



LLC "Insurion"
Phone: +7 (926) 336 83 22

Korneeva str. 12 office 8

Moscow, Russia, 142000

Start to work

To start cover the risks you need to sign up in INSURION system.