Are You Airline?

We will pay instant money to your passengers in case of flight delay.

  • Increase your revenue for ≈7%

  • Increase your NPS for ≈30%

  • Increase Retention Rate for ≈15% 

Additional revenue with no risk

Include offer of flight delay insurance in ticket purchasing process as addition service

Once client paid for it send his flight number and his contact to API INSURION

Once INSURION detects flight delay client immediately receives SMS with link to go through instant refund process

INSURION starts monitoring of Your client's flight and at the same time sends his data to one of our partner Insurer to create policy

Just connect us. We will bring best insurers

Why do you need connect us instead of insurer?

Fast integration. We are ready for integration right now. We will bring you any insurer you interested in.

Fast change of insurer. You don't need to do new integration if you want to change insurance partner.

Best conditions. Insurers will compete to become your partner

Insurance with real value

To get refund from common insurance client have to spend:

3 days

Gathering documents from airline office and checks proving all his expenses

4 days

Visiting Insurer's office and give away all the documents

7 days

Waiting for Insurer's decision and his payment

14 days

Total time spent. Client hates all parties of such process

To get refund from INSURION client have to spend:

10 sec

Click the link he received in SMS right after flight delay

1 min

In web form make photo of his passport and boarding pass

1 min

Receive money on his bank card

2 min 10 sec

Total time spent. Next time client will choose Your airline again

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